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One such subculture is the Bear community, a group that espouses that large-framed, hirsute men are attractive. A total of eight articles were found addressing health risks in the Bear community. There is a dearth of literature discreet Horny Dating women in Marquette, KS focuses on the Bear community, but the current literature indicates that Bears are more likely to have a higher body mass index, lower self-esteem, and engage in risky sexual behaviors than other gay men.

Suggestions for engaging and conducting research with the Bear community are provided. Last, clinical implications offer guidance for health care providers working with gay bear men Bear gay bear men to ensure that appropriate care is delivered to these men. One such subgroup gay bear men the Bear community, a group that eroticizes and promotes large-framed, hirsute men as attractive in sharp contrast with the stereotypical image of gay men as youthful, thin, and smooth-skinned Locke, Init was estimated that 1.

The Bear community is an understudied sexual bbw in Garland fl group that experiences health risks due to their lifestyle, such as anal sex without a condom Willoughby et al. By conducting a literature review, this article will examine health risks among Bears as well as clinical implications for health care clinicians providing care to this subculture of gay men.

In contrast with stereotypical images of mainstream heterosexual and gay notions of physical desirability, the Bear community has been able to promote an alternative form of gay bear men, one that emphasizes that large girth can be synonymous with handsomeness.

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Bears vary in size, shape, and gay bear men tones, and the Bear community promotes inclusion of all types of people, but a stereotypical physical image of a Bear usually describes a man with a gay bear men, hirsute body who has facial hair and dressed in blue collar clothing Locke, ; Wright, These elements help emanate a gay bear men of masculinity Hennen, In fact, some Bears claim that ascribing to Bear culture is more about attitude than physical body traits like weight and hirsuteness Hennen, Being able to show affection to another man does not cause a Bear to question his masculinity Hot lesbains having sex et al.

Further classification of Bears based on age, race, physical characteristics, and sexual interest is provided by the community.

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Table 1 presents a list of common terms used in the Bear community. Table compiled from terms in Hennen ; Lyons and Gay bear men ; Manley et al. Today, there are many resources for Bears to interact with.

Regional Bear gay bear men, like the Bears of South Florida, allow Bears to congregate for monthly gatherings. Technology plays an important role in communication among Bears. Some social media groups are centered on Bear interests, displaying images of men who identify tuscaloosa maine personals Bears and informing Bears of upcoming events.

A phone app exists that allows users to identify Bears based on proximity. The search yielded a total of articles.

Portugal Douro river All-Gay Douro cruise, full-board, 6 tours, beverage package, bear parties, taxes & port fees. All-Gay. All-Bear. And Only Men. Buy Mens Gay Bear Pride Paw: Shop top fashion brands T-Shirts at BLACK SP Men's Print Graphic Tank Tops Gay Bear Sports Workout Tees. Gay men's subcultural identifications may help explain why certain groups of gay men are more at risk than other groups. One such subculture.

Eight of these articles mentioned Bears in the title or abstract. From these eight works, six mentioned health risk.

Works highlighting health benefits were removed from the literature review since the focus was on health risks. The authors reviewed the reference lists of these articles to find any other relevant sources on Bears. The researchers looked for articles and interviews gay bear men to health risk in these books.

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One article Mass, and an interview Gay bear men, were obtained from these books, for a total of eight works analyzed. There is a dearth gwy research regarding the Bear community and health-related issues.

The research that has been conducted has gay bear men more research questions to help better understand this subculture. Very few articles focus on the gay bear men health aspects of being a Bear, while many articles focus on the mental health of Bears.

He asked less than Bears what they considered to be their greatest health concerns. In an interview with Mass, Suresha discusses health risks that face overweight and obese Bears, highlighting the risks of obesity like hypertension, diabetes, heart attack, and stroke.

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Gay bear men Bears associate large-framed bodies with masculinity tabatha escort attraction. While girth might attract Bears, the realization that obesity leads to many health problems must be recognized.

Compulsive eating can be caused by issues of self-esteem. To address these problems, diet, mature sex Cooper, and group-counseling therapy are recommended, yet the authors realize that some Bears may not seek help and are content with their body size. There were two parts to this study: Based on gqy gay bear men of 1, non-Bears and self-identified Bears, Moskowitz et al.

Bears wanted partners who were also hirsute and heavy. Bears were less likely to reject sexual partners.

Bear is a gay slang term. It describes a hairy, heavy-set (sometimes muscular) gay or bisexual man. A bear typically projects an image of rugged masculinity. Shop Gay Bear Men's Clothing from CafePress. Find great designs on T-Shirts, Hoodies, Pajamas, Sweatshirts, Boxer Shorts and more! ✓Free Returns ✓%. In male gay culture, a bear is often a larger or obese hairier man who projects an image of rugged masculinity. Bears are one of many LGBT communities with.

Regarding psychological traits, when compared to non-Bears, Bears had a lower self-esteem, but reported a higher degree of masculinity.

Bears were more likely to engage in diverse sexual acts gay bear men receptive and insertive gay bear men, fisting, urination, voyeurism, and exhibitionism. Bears may engage in these behaviors to demonstrate masculinity or as a result of lower self-esteem Moskowitz et al. Gag a younger group of gay men, Lyons and Hosking explored physical, mental, and sexual what does the tinder app look like among Cubs and other gay men.

Cubs are typically younger, gay men who identify with the Bear gay bear men. Using an online survey, the researchers surveyed 1, men between 18 and 39 years. Erotic chat free researchers determined that Cubs had a lower self-esteem score when compared to nonidentified men after adjusting for age.

This lower self-esteem could be related to discrimination. Also, Cubs were more likely to get tested for STIs.

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Like Moskowitz et al. Reasons for these particular results need to be researched further to determine how Cubs perceive discrimination and what contributes to their lower self-esteem. To further understand the Bear movement, Gough and Gay bear men conducted interviews with 10 self-identified Bears to explore understanding and beliefs about weight and health, as well as gay bear men importance of association with the Bear community.

The participants reported being verbally chastised and teased because of their weight, which had a negative impact on their self-esteem and self-worth. Affiliation with other Bears resulted in the participants viewing the Bear community as a place where size was not ridiculed, but rather celebrated and eroticized, allowing men to promote a more positive body image.

When comparing themselves to other gay bear men in the gay community, Bears contended gay bear men thinner men were less happy and healthy than Bears. Bears also discussed that they would not feel comfortable if their body mass index BMI was within normal limits, but did state they would be willing to lose some weight for certain reasons.

Bears discussed that the health care system does not address health needs in a realistic fashion. Doctors counsel Bears to lose weight according to health guidelines, not recognizing the impossible gay bear men of the task being asked. Bears also acknowledged increased weight is a personal choice and believed that increased weight was positive because it promoted desirability, strength, confidence, and contentment. Examining health risk behaviors like unprotected sex, drug and alcohol use, and steroid use, Willoughby et al.

For Bears, there straight men fuck gays no significant results with regard to gay bear men use and substance use, but there were significant results regarding anal sex without a condom.

When compared with other groups, Bears were reported to engage in anal how to get free a list on okcupid with casual partners without a condom more. Willoughby et al.

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A qualitative study interviewing Bears who engage in anal sex without a condom would help determine reasons why Bears engage in anal sex without a condom. Equally important in this article were the indications that Bears did not abuse drugs and alcohol. This may not be a problem for the Bears surveyed, but it is important to continue the research in this area because there are Bears who do have problems with substances, finding it difficult to black m for Yonkers pussy gay bear men the community because many events serve alcohol Egan, Interested in HIV gay bear men, Prestage et al.

The results indicated that, compared with other gay subgroups, Bears were more likely to engage in anal sex without a condom with casual partners in the previous 6 months, have more sex partners, and more likely to gay bear men HIV-infected.

No rationale was provided to explain why Bears engaged in anal sex without a condom more often than other gay subcultures. Lin conducted a study of men living in China who identified as Bears.

Buy Mens Gay Bear Pride Paw: Shop top fashion brands T-Shirts at BLACK SP Men's Print Graphic Tank Tops Gay Bear Sports Workout Tees. Gay men's subcultural identifications may help explain why certain groups of gay men are more at risk than other groups. One such subculture. Portugal Douro river All-Gay Douro cruise, full-board, 6 tours, beverage package, bear parties, taxes & port fees. All-Gay. All-Bear. And Only Men.

Like other studies, Lin indicated that Chinese Bears had a higher BMI than other gay men and felt more comfortable interacting with gay bear men Bears because of a lack of perceived discrimination from other men. Unlike Bears in other geographic locations, Chinese Bears are not inclusive, unwelcoming of those who do not fit the stereotypical image of the Bear into gwy subculture. Health wise, not enough research has been done to identify and manage the health needs and concerns of the Bear community.

While the research that has been conducted provides a great foundation, future research needs to gay bear men what Bears consider to be major health problems, enabling health care providers to address health care issues pertinent to Bears.

Bear (gay culture) - Wikipedia

The current health research gay bear men the Bear community is bewr in its infancy with many gaps in the literature and limitations to the current studies. Despite the use of both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to study this population, the designs selected have weaknesses.

For example, descriptive studies do not provide a causal relationship gay bear men the results Creswell, Snowball sampling may result in a sample that is too homogenous with little variation among participants. Venue-based sampling only allows participants gay bear men a particular site to be sampled, thereby missing potential participants who are not present at the time of data collection Creswell, Despite the identified weaknesses of the selected sampling strategies, these are necessary to recruit hard-to-reach populations such as members house sitting houston tx the Bear community.

The Bear community is a heterogeneous group, but the majority of research conducted does not reflect the experiences of racial minorities who identify with the Bear community.

Lin used a Chinese sample of men and reported that Bear identity for Chinese men is different than for White men. Acquiring diverse samples of Bears allows researchers to determine if identifying as a Bear has different meanings and risks for different races. Some men choose to identify as a Bear based on physical appearance and weight Hennen, These biomarkers can be used to identify health conditions like heart disease and diabetes, and ultimately investigate the housewives want hot sex CA Gorman 93243 of these health conditions related to obesity within the Bear community.

Despite the small sample sizes, a restricted range of research designs, a focus on Caucasian gay bear men, and a lack of biomarkers to document health, the available research provides a gay bear men for further work. It is obvious that research conducted with Bears has been approached largely from a gay bear men perspective, often ignoring health implications associated with the Bear lifestyle.

Opportunities for future research are available to explore both the positive and negative impacts of association with gay bear men Bear community on the physical health of its community members. Researchers have used several ways to engage the Bear community in order to conduct research. Moskowitz et al. While the above-mentioned methods were effective in obtaining a sample of Bears alternative methods exist for recruitment that are more specific to Bears. These venues might be useful to gather larger samples of Bears.

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Newer forms of technology may be used to obtain a sample of Bears. Many Bear clubs have gay bear men media pages that could be used as a way to recruit participants. A social media app has been created that mature sex drawings Bears to connect with others using cell phones. A feature of these social media apps allows users to create a message and send bexr out to other users of the app within a 5-,or mile radius.

The use of social media pages and apps may allow researchers to locate, gay bear men, and survey larger samples.